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Create a method to fetch total number of bytes changed during an event
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Data should be given about the total number of changed bytes at the event. This data will then be displayed in various CSV and wikitext reports.

Bytes changed metrics defined

As used in the "Event summary" reports—see T205561 for definitions

  • "Bytes changed" (for entire event)

As used in the "Pages Created" reports—see T205363 for definitions

  • "Bytes changed during event" (for each specific page)

Note on fixed vs. continuing metrics.

  • The Bytes Changes metrics remain fixed once the event period ends.

Event Timeline

Get size on the most recent revision and the size of the oldest revision for the given time period. Subtract. That's the total bytes changed on that page during the event.

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The above PR is ready for review.

PR merged! There's nothing for product to test since the value isn't exposed anywhere. I did pretty thorough testing myself.

Note this PR did not cover bytes changed for each individual page, as we'd want for the "Pages Created" report. That can be bundled in with T205363 or elsewhere. Right now we have nowhere to store or expose the per-page data so there's no sense in coding it yet. Max's work will make this easy once we get to it, though.

I think it's safe to close this as resolved. Thanks Max!