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VE's advanced template dialog (transclusion dialog) is unusable on mobile
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VE's advanced template dialog (a.k.a. transclusion dialog) is unusable on mobile. You can see this by clicking "Show options" while inside the template dialog, or by editing a multi-template transclusion.

This is an outlined BooketLayout from OOUI.


A more thorough fix would be to make the outlined BookletLayout more responsive. This would have the benefit of fixing all other such layouts on the site in mobile, such as our template editor in advanced mode (after clicking show options) and probably others outside VE:

image.png (757×440 px, 34 KB)

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Change 474839 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bartosz Dziewoński; owner: Bartosz Dziewoński):
[oojs/ui@master] Make BookletLayout usable on mobile

After the patch, interacting with a multi-template transclusion on mobile (iPhone SE):

When opening a dialog, the menu in closed, appears as a "sidebar"
image.png (568×320 px, 22 KB)
After tapping the sidebar, the menu opens, pushing content off-screen
image.png (568×320 px, 20 KB)
After picking an option, or tapping the content, the menu closes again
image.png (568×320 px, 23 KB)
iamjessklein added a subscriber: Volker_E.

@matmarex - Thanks for taking the time to layout the problem and solution so succinctly here. I don't think this is quite ready for merging. The main concern that I have is the sidebar. Although this works perfectly fine and seems logical, it's introducing a new pattern for the user to orient themselves to in what's currently already an environment full of information overload. I would iterate on a solution to match the main toolbar patterns.

All of my other concerns around this are fixable things:

  • Lots of clicks - @Volker_E mentioned this over in T209911#4815657 - but our goal with the whole refresh right now is to reduce the number of clicks, and this is introducing a lot more interaction.
  • focusing issues
  • state changes etc.

@iamjessklein So do you agree that the sidebar menu elements should remain clickable as menu items even when shortened in “close” state?

  • What are the focusing issues and state changes you mentioned?

Moving this to Blocked/Waiting because I suspect that the work in T211255 will impact the decisions on this.

With T209912 being declined, we should think about a design for this from scratch.

matmarex moved this task from Q4 to Freezer on the VisualEditor board.
matmarex added a subscriber: iamjessklein.

(We talked about this one today and it doesn't seem like we're going to work on it anytime soon.)