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Make edit notices more visible in Visual Editor
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Another possible improvement for me, following T212743:

I get that, possibly, when edit notices were designed in visual editor, the designers probably wanted to move away from ‘additional visual clutter’ and focus on the content. But while I understand it, I don’t really think that anyone reads the text that was put in a tiny space that is routinely scrollable.

And, what matters the most, edit notices can routinely contain useful information that could resolve in a block if user ignores it. What I’m getting at is: can we make it more prominent, even if it would be ‘damaging’ to the design? Quick mockup (in VE, but same for 2017WE):

If this was considered and declined, sorry, I didn’t find a task for it.

2021 edit: This is actually even more pressing for new editors, since they get not one, but two modals (‘Welcome to Wikipedia!’ popup and editnotice modal) when opening the visual editor. In my proposed setup, it would be less easy to miss one while closing another.