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Mute: Add links to mute specific user to Echo notification
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Currently, to configure the notifications mute lists, users must go to Special:Preferences and add the username manually. A more standard user experience would be to add a way to mute the user directly from the unwanted notification itself.

Echo already has an ellipsis menu that allows for advanced options:

From any pageOn Special:Notifications

Acceptance criteria

  • For notifications that are triggered from one user to another (see list below) add an item to the ellipsis menu
    • Icon TBD
    • Label: Mute notifications from USERNAME
  • On click, it should add that username to the logged-in user's Mute List.
    • A success message should appear: "USERNAME has been muted. Visit preferences to update."
    • If the user is already on the mute list, a message should appear "USERNAME is already muted"

Also note: T181364: Hide old notifications once the user has been added to the personal block list may need to be fixed with this task.

Types of notifications

  • Thanks
  • Structured Discussions
  • Mention
  • This list should be compared to the Notification Mute code