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Provide an alternative to wgExtensionMessagesFiles for non-message i18n
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  • "Alias" files for primary names and aliases of extension-provided special pages
  • "Magic" files for aliases of extension-provided wikitext tags.
  • "Namespaces" files for aliases of extension-provided namespaces.

There's also T89947: Move special page alias translations to JSON, T89948: Move magic word translations to JSON, and T89946: Move namespace translations to JSON respectively proposing moving these to JSON format; it'd probably make sense to do this work at the same time.

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Jdforrester-WMF created this task.

Looks great. Not sure why it'd need an RfC, but if you insist, let's ask for a session?

This has been bugging me a lot recently, particularly in the context of specialPageAliases ( T89947).

The proposal in the RFC seems sound to me and has seen no discussion in 4 years.

What is the status of the RFC? What is stopping us from just doing this? I'd gladly spend some volunteer time trying to help with making this happen :-)

I think it mostly needs someone to work on it. IIRC the RfC was the output from an in-person discussion at Wikimania hackathon, though I thought there was a separate task with some feedback from @Nikerabbit.

I vaguely remember that we weren't sure if all these other fields should go in the same JSON file as messages or if it should be a separate set of files. And whether it should be a technical limitation or just a social one that we split them up.

Probably the most important thing is just making sure that whatever format/style is adopted, it will work for translatewiki (T109235: Re-enable Special:AdvancedTranslate on, even if that functionality isn't available immediately.

Thanks for the update. @Nikerabbit is there a task with feedback? I'd be interested in working on this in my volunteer time with a language team developer if there's interest.

It's so long ago that I don't remember where any feedback would be. I see no blockers for moving onward with this, if someone has the bandwidth to drive it. Unfortunately, Language team has not had capacity to focus on core i18n in a long time due to other things having a priority. support can happen later, but it would be a good to have an implementation plan in order to not make it unnecessarily complicated.

Are we currently adding translations manually? If so, I guess we just need to convert this to support a JSON or am I over-trivializing this?

Translations are submitted as manually created patches on Gerrit. The choices whether to put multiple types (alias, magic, namespace) in same or separate files, and whether to have languages in one file or separate files will future integration with

Change 998274 had a related patch set uploaded (by Winston Sung; author: Winston Sung):

[mediawiki/core@master] [POC] Add extension, skin, config for alias directories