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Gerrit: Cannot assign user name "vladi2016" to account XXXX; name already in use.
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I have account Vladis13 on and did login there. And I have shell account vladi2016 on``.
But I can't sign in as Vladis13, it shows the error: Cannot assign user name "vladi2016" to account 7045; name already in use.
(Also this digit like 7045 incrementing on each trying.)

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Nothing secret here hence making this task public.

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Same problem to me Aldnonymous / can't log in with return msg "name already in use."

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In short: this is a known issue we are encountering with Gerrit due to a migration that has been fully completed. There is a way to fix it on the server but I lost track of how to achieve that, but I made some others aware of it.

When we upgrade Gerrit to version 2.16, we will be able to fix all affected accounts once for good :)

It will be great.
How long to wait for fix of login?

We do not know yet. Please be patient.

I do have the same problem, waiting for a fix now.

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For reference, it seems the Gerrit 2.16 upgrade rollout is being tracked in T200739

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Updated your account in the DB, please reopen if that does not resolve your issue.

TK-999 added a comment.May 7 2019, 5:55 PM

Thank you! It's working fine now :)

MisterSynergy reopened this task as Open.May 8 2019, 6:19 AM

As there are other users who cannot sign in to gerrit, I think we should not close this task just because one account was manually updated. Mine is still not working.

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Please file a separate task (as this task was for a specific user) :)

Dzahn added a comment.May 8 2019, 2:35 PM

@MisterSynergy The generic task for this problem is T216605.

Thanks, but T216605 is access restricted and I cannot see any of its content. I feel pretty lost with this problem.