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Chinese IME issue in 2017 WTE
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From @deryckchan on

User:恐狼博士 from the Cantonese Wikipedia reported that Chinese IMEs (Cangjie in his case) has been malfunctioning when used inside Wikitext mode. Predictive text no longer works. This malfunction started two weeks ago.

He's unsure whether he was on old or new Wikitext mode before. Was there any significant change to the 2017 Wikitext editor in the last month?

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Hi @deryckchan , do we know which IME / browser / Cangjie IME software combination User:恐狼博士 is using? I can't reproduce the problem, and I've tried a few different Chinese IMEs on using 2017 wikitext editor, both mobile and desktop.

I am using Windows 10. I have heard that Windows 10 tend to have problems with Cangjie.