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[EPIC] Support Hungarian Wikipedia editor retention project
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Hungarian Wikipedia is running a one-year project to improve editor retention. The project involves some paid hours for coordination / project management / community management and some volunteer technical support. This is the master task for tracking technical aspects of the project and collecting ideas.

Some things we are considering:

  • Research:
    • Identify and perform low-hanging research tasks, mainly by finding research done on other wikis that is easy to adapt or provides tooling, and repeat it on huwiki.
    • See if it's possible to predict which users become long-term productive contributors, so we can best assign scarce mentoring resources
    • See if it's possible to predict when users are about to become inactive / significantly less active, so we support or motivate them
    • Identify and set up tools for survey work. (The welcome survey seems like an obvious choice, but we'll want something more flexible too.)
  • New editor experience:
    • Perform guerilla usability testing with acquaintances who have not edited Wikipedia before
    • Collect and categorize the problems new users face
    • Identify bugs that make good-faith edits seem damaging and result in newbie biting
  • Experienced editor experience:
    • Survey experienced editors and identify major pain points
    • Identify low-hanging fruit in improving the technical environment (useful tools that can be localized and enabled with relatively low effort)
      • Patrolling tools (Huggle, Snuggle etc.)
      • Wikidata integration (VE integration, Lua modules; maybe look into Yurik's centralized modules framework?)
      • Improve Citoid (Zotero) coverage of Hungarian sources
      • Improve TemplateData coverage of common templates
      • Make sure Zotero and TemplateData work well with the non-visual editors
    • Build tools for identifying editors who do a lot of good work while not socially active
    • Collect and categorize the problems experienced editors face
  • Communication:
    • Strengthen commnity cohesion by identifying, setting up and promoting communication tools which work better than the (defunct) project email list
    • Improve dissemination of experience about editing toold and tricks - identify and set up tools (video conference? newsletter?)

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Note to self: look through the collected links for research ideas / to summarize existing research.