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Edit Cards: deploy v4 to all wikis
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Design: @iamjessklein
Design review: @cmadeo
Engineering: ??
Engineering review:??

Why are we doing this?

The last update to the edit cards fixed an interaction problem where users were getting confused over the multiple button option in the link label and target cards. We solved this problem by unifying the experience, having one card with one edit button. Through user testing we determined that the solution was plausible and in turn, moved forward with the fix. However, the fix did not go through a final design review, and as a result, there is still an opportunity for user interface improvements to the solution.

User story

As an editor on the mobile Visual Editor web app, I'd like to be able to tap an edit link button, read the contents on the card and understand what the text links to as well as learn the edit options that are available to me.


This section includes the improvements that should be implemented in our next edit cards release

Event Timeline

This is what the link edit card currently looks like:

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 11.34.38 AM.png (618×998 px, 96 KB)

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