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Add placement option to apps announcment system
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In order to support in article fundraising and other announcements, surveys, etc, we'd like to add the ability to specify where in the app announcements should be displayed.

Currently announcements appear only as a feed card in the Explore feed on the apps. In many cases it is useful to show announcements in the article reader context instead.

To support this concept in a backwards compatible way the announcements response will have an additional field "placement" added to it. By default the placement will be "feed", while the other initial supported value will be "article". If the placement field is absent the client should assume "feed" as the value. Older clients who do not have support for this parameter will continue to show the announcements only in the feed, ignoring the new parameter. Newer clients should use this parameter to determine the user experience for the announcement. See subtasks for client user experience for the new "article" placement.

Regardless of the placement value the same business logic should be used for an announcement: one time display limit, expiration times, dismissal logic, etc, should all be identical across placements.

See subtasks for client user experience for the new "article" placement.


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Hi @JMinor

Will it be possible to have both feed and article in the placement field in one country's setting? e.g. placement: both?

Change 545071 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cooltey; owner: Cooltey):
[mediawiki/services/wikifeeds@master] [WIP] 2019 app fundraising announcements

Business logic:

  • Should never be shown to a first session user (first open after install)
  • Should only be shown once, independent of what action the user takes (dismiss or positive action)
  • Should only be shown in one placement (either feed or article) never both

@cooltey sorry I missed this ping. The placement should be only one value, not "both", at least for v1.

Just to clarify, the announcement should only be shown in one location. In new versions that support the article placement it should only be shown in the article. For older versions it will fall back to the feed. If a user is on a new app version (that supports "placement") and the value is "article" the announcement should only be shown in article.

Change 545071 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/services/wikifeeds@master] 2019 app fundraising announcements