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Collect tasks related code and security review
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Some are in Wikispeech, but there may be others, though they should be connected somehow. Also make an inventory of notes we have connected to the reviews.

The following tasks and documents are related to the reviews. Each lists what has been identified as blocking work that needs to be done before proceeding. They also include the WMF-people that has been involved in the discussion, so we know who to contact once we are ready to move forward.

T180021: Security review for extension Wikispeech

Original request for security review. No review was initiated since there were too many fundamental problems detected.

WMF-people involved

@Reedy, @charlotteportero (no longer employed by WMF)


T180015: ☂ Deploy Wikispeech on beta cluster

Get Wikispeech running on the beta cluster before it gets added as beta function to Wikipedia.


WMF-people involved

@Reedy, @greg

T192990: Use Swift for audio-file storage

Enable Swift storage to be used instead of basic file storage.


A Swift-server to use in development.

T200735: Work with Wikispeech towards their production deployment goal and generate documentation

Intended to help us figuring out how to get things deployed.

WMF-people involved


T193072: TTS server deployment strategy

Focused on deployment of the TTS-server as a service on Wikimedia servers.

WMF-people involved

@akosiaris, @bd808

Möte med WMF

Notes from meetings during second half of 2018, trying to figure out what would be needed before review could commence.

WMF-people involved

@bd808, @thcipriani

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This is what I could find. Not quite sure what to do with this task now: if we close it it may get lost. Maybe keep it opened as stalled or something until we've acted on the things that were identified.

Thanks. I'll take a look at the collected info and see if I remember any additional details.

This is what I could find. Not quite sure what to do with this task now: if we close it it may get lost. Maybe keep it opened as stalled or something until we've acted on the things that were identified.

We could possibly rephrase the intro somewhat and change it to a Goal? Or we extract it into a separate document and close the task.

I 'll remove myself from this if you don't mind. I guess I was added because of T240175#5723047 but that was an answer to a very cut and clear question. Overall, I honestly I have no idea what the project is about, nor how I could be of help (at least for now). Feel free to readd me if you disagree.

An attempted summary below:

  • Use Swift for audio-file storage: This is for our project partner to add an option to use a swift backend for storing file-like objects. This has been blocked by our partners struggling with setting up a Swift instance to test against
  • Set up puppet role for TTS server: While there is a patch set functioning puppet role this relies on also installing a role for docker (note that the patch set will likely need a re-base by now). While having the docker dependency is not a strict blocker there is definitely a push to make a new version of the puppet role which does not rely on docker. The work on this is largely halted because go+puppet is a nightmare.
  • Restrict access rights (on wiki): This is is about implementing user rights to be able to decide which users have access to what functionality. This is being actively worked on.
  • Restrict TTS-server access: This is about limiting access to the TTS-service (to prevent direct access to it's api). This is currently blocked by understanding the best practice for doing this in WMF infrastructure. Any suggestions from WMDE would be appreciated.
  • Deployment strategy for TTS-service: This is still at an extremely early stage. In essence we've been using docker-compose to deploy the TTS-service, while this will not work for WMF production it's unclear how they would like it re-packaged.

@Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE Anything to add to the summary?

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To be closed as part of sprint review