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Newcomer tasks: suggested edits "se-card-text" is cut off for long text
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On cswiki betalabs the text "Select other interests or difficulty levels to find suggested edits." is not fully displayed.
<p class="se-card-text">Select other interests or difficulty levels to find suggested edits.</p>

Proposed fix:
Any non article card content in the module should not constrained to be the fixed height of the card.
In the following instances, note that the image, message header, and message text for "end of suggestions", "no suggestions found", and the general error message state does not need to match the article card height. Only the pager text ("End of 345 suggestions") is in the same position as the pager text above of the article card.

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The text area has a fixed height, because the whole card has a fixed height, because we want the various card types to have the same dimensions. (For the no results card that's probably not that important. The no more suggestions card takes the place of a task card during navigation though, so size changes would be jarring.) Not sure how to square that with supporting arbitrarily long interface messages in the bottom.

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For @RHo to think about.

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De-prioritizing off the sprint board in favor of other tasks.