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"machinevision-machineaidedtagging-intro" message should not refer to production interwiki codes
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	"machinevision-machineaidedtagging-intro": "Review suggested tags of [[c:Commons:Depicts|depicted objects]] in images. Only user-confirmed tags are added to images. For more information, check out the [[c:Commons:Structured_data/Computer-aided_tagging|project page]] and [[c:Commons_talk:Structured_data/Computer-aided_tagging|give feedback]] on how to make this tool more helpful!",

The c interwiki prefix is WMF-specific and doesn't exist by default in the software. Assuming the extension is not expected to be installed on other wikis, I suppose this isn't needed, either.

During development, both the c and the Commons namespace don't exist (the latter is even more specific, to the wiki).

In general for these kinds of messages we refer to the local Project: namespace by default, which wiki editors then populate with documentation and/or redirect accordingly. In this case Project:Depicts would achieve the same effect and work the same way, given that Project is a language and wiki agnostic alias for the project's meta namespace, which is Commons on commons. That is, [[Project:Foo]] will directly and explictly result in a link to /wiki/Commons:Foo.

Currently, these links become client-side redirects via /wiki/c:Commons:Depicts which also incurs extra network-server roundtrips. They are also red links by default during development that can't be created easily (unlike Project:).

Would recommend changing using Project: for these instead :)

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Hey @Krinkle, thanks for the detailed info here. I was a bit uncertain when constructing these interwiki links so this helps.

What about the Commons_talk namespace? Does the syntax in this link need to be updated?

[[c:Commons_talk:Structured_data/Computer-aided_tagging|give feedback]]

For that you can use Project_talk. Try and for example.

I'll also note that for special messaging needs that are specific to WMF production (e.g. a special campaign or something specific to how the feature is used within WMF), we also have the ability to deliver a separate set of message overrides via the WikimediaMessages extension. This has advantages over editing messages locally on the wiki in production, because WikimediaMessages offers the override to translators via translatewiki, and WikimediaMessages is also present in the Beta Cluster and available to developers locally (for consistency).

For this case though, where only the link destination is different, a generic approach (such as using Project or Project_talk) suffices and makes it work for all environments equally. The above is merely for future reference to know what else is available.

Change 574763 had a related patch set uploaded (by Anne Tomasevich; owner: Anne Tomasevich):
[mediawiki/extensions/MachineVision@master] Use Project namespace for messages instead of Commons

Change 574763 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/MachineVision@master] Use Project namespace for messages instead of Commons