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Vandalism on Structured Data tasks
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Originally reported by @Ramsey-WMF , there were about 125 tasks affected on Structured-Data-Backlog by @Sarahmarie1981 . Approximately 25 have been reverted (thanks @Aklapper !), so about 100 remain. I'm not aware of a way to search or filter by user-has-edited, so that may have to happen on the backend.

Happy to help with this if Phab provides a tool to help me identify more automatically than searching each task. We know the tasks exist because of email notifications, but it's not easy to quickly make a query from that. :-/

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Oh, hang on. Herald re-added it

Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 18.32.37.png (308×1 px, 86 KB)

It would look like it's all cleaned up TBH

Using the user's history page text, and a spreadsheet, I pulled out some IDs to investigate:

T220459, T220955, T221233, T221681, T222159, T222319, T222322, T224139, T224142, T224147, T224214, T225172, T227264, T228770, T229007, T229008, T215305, T230563, T230607, T231917, T232101, T232200, T232201, T232203, T232204, T232205, T232207, T232208, T235658, T235942, T237089, T230314, T174031, T233036, T221015, T223823, T236431, T240265, T240281, T240516, T232087, T240897, T241005, T242054, T242144, T242225, T242414, T242662, T229437, T242958, T243410, T214201

It used to be possible to plug this into advanced search, but I am struggling to figure that out now.

@Ramsey-WMF , can you confirm @Reedy 's assessment? Anything stand out to you?

One thing to check is what herald rule is adding that. For example T231917 did get the extra project removed, but herald didn't re-add the one removed

One thing to check is what herald rule is adding that. For example T231917 did get the extra project removed, but herald didn't re-add the one removed

Which is

Screenshot 2020-03-17 at 18.37.05.png (414×2 px, 170 KB)

@Reedy I believe that is because the Herald is set to only add the project once. That is to stop it from constantly re-adding tasks that were intended to have the tag removed. That, however, doesn't account for vandalism, so what would be really handy is a simple list of anything @Sarahmarie1981 edited so we can review which of those tasks don't have the Structured-Data-Backlog tag.

Yeah Herald missed re-adding tags for a good number of the tickets but @JJMC89 appears to be going through and fixing that manually right now 😺 (thanks!)

JJMC89 claimed this task.

I've restored Structured-Data-Backlog where Herald didn't.

See for a script to mass-rollback, but can only be run by system administrator (@Aklapper for notice).

Too late for that, if manual action has been taken, I believe

Phabricators tooling for this stuff is awful, basically. People complain about MediaWiki, but it's amazing in comparison

Also Thanks @JJMC89 as I missed some tasks (sorry for that)!

It used to be possible to plug this into advanced search, but I am struggling to figure that out now.,2,3 basically

@Aklapper That's it! I could not find it because that field does not show unless the URL has been altered: