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Consider if @ mention autocomplete should include users who have been previously pinged, but not commented
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Example discussion:

== Input needed ==
I think we need {{ping|peter}}'s input here. [[User:Ed|Ed]] 2020-04-01 12:00 (UTC)

If Bob joins the conversion later and types "I too would value input from @Peter" then "peter" will not appear in the local autocomplete list if he had not yet replied.

Event Timeline

For the sender, if the discussion is quite long and has several “sub-discussions”, it could lead to a confusing situation if someone has yet to answer in some sub-discussion, and thus doesn’t show up in some other. (Even in the situation listed in the description—i.e. without sub-discussions—, user education is needed to explain why that name is not on the list, because that’s quite not obvious at first.)

As a receiver, I would like to get all mentions—if I get multiple notifications from a page, I know that my input would be much appreciated there.