Make it possible to upload in a different image format while preserving file history


It used to be possible to upload a PNG on top of a JPG. This was very convenient in preserving image histories. This is no longer possible (seems to have turned from a warning to an error). At least for administrators, this option should likely still be accessible.

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: enhancement
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Looks like a feature to me, not a bug.

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Retooling this bug after IRC discussion.

If we ever want to allow this again, a file-description page should be automatically moved to a new name with a correct file extension. Files in the history that do not match the current file extension would have to get an indication of this (or possibly not even be accessible, etc).

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cbm.wikipedia wrote:

Preservation of history is the key point here. In the case of enwiki at least, unused images are often deleted, and in the case of non-free images unused images are ''supposed'' to be deleted. So having the history on the same page as the current version of an image is important.

One option would be to allow administrators to rename images while ignoring file "extensions".

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  • yes please
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