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entitysources: Clean up any remainders of the legacy back/compat config in the mediawiki-config repository
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Split out from T242087 and T241975

Now that entitysources is used for configuring wikibase in production we can remove usages of the legacy configuration from production.
We should check to see if these settings are used in Wikibase any more (they should not be) as everything should be coming from entity sources (expect the legacy config parsers)

Looking at EntitySourceDefinitionsLegacyRepoSettingsParser this probably is:

  • entityNamespaces
  • changesDatabase
  • conceptBaseUri
  • foreignRepositories

And for EntitySourceDefinitionsLegacyClientSettingsParser:

  • foreignRepositories
  • repositories
  • repoDatabase
  • entityNamespaces
  • repoConceptBaseUri

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