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Variant D: welcome banner
Closed, DeclinedPublic


From T250343: Variant tests: D-desktop (and very similar language in T250451: Variant tests: D-mobile):

  • When the user arrives on the page, there is a banner at the top of the page, above the homepage header.
  • The banner is dismissable with an "X". It is present until it is dismissed and then never comes back.
  • Header: "Welcome to your homepage"
  • Body: "You can learn to edit, contact your mentor, and see the impact of your work."
  • After the user dismisses it, they should never see it again.

Mockups: desktop, mobile

This is related to T258009: Variant C/D: welcome popup on desktop and T258010: Variant C/D: welcome peek drawer on mobile, and we may wish to use the same hidden preference for dismissing those popups and this banner.

Open questions:

  • The desktop and mobile mockups differ in how the header is presented: on desktop, it's visually separate from the body; on desktop, it's not. Is this deliberate? What is the rationale for this difference?