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Implement BeforeRevertedTagUpdate hook in FlaggedRevs
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This is continuation of T259103: Run reverted tag update job only after the edit is approved which explains the idea behind the hook. As of writing the hook is pending code review (see

FlaggedRevs is used on multiple Wikimedia wikis, so it would be nice to deploy the reverted tag feature together with a related patch to the extension, so that WMF wikis get the full feature set right away.

There are two parts to this:

  • The BeforeRevertedTagUpdate hook that should return whether the edit is auto-approved or not.
  • A call to RevertedTagUpdateManager that would re-enqueue the reverted tag update when the edit is approved.

This shouldn't be too hard and I'll try to implement this myself, but I haven't really ever used this extension, so I may get some things wrong. :)