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"reverted"-type notifications should be based on the actual page content
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my "revert"-type notification

The Echo extensions sends notifications of type "reverted" without checking if the edit was an actual revert: in the IP added a single line return but preserved the original "undo" summary, and that triggered a notification to my account.

Instead, this check should be based on the actual page content. This could also work with non-mw rollback tools (Twinkle, etc.)

See Also:
T58574: Rollback notification doesn't check if it was a null revert
T154637: Notify users when manually reverting to an older revision


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Confirmed on Portuguese Wikipedia:

  1. Go toágina_de_testes/4?action=edit

  1. Make an edit:

  1. Open the diff using another account and click on "undo":

  1. This will fill in the summary with the default revert summary, which in Portuguese is as follows:

"Desfeita a edição 36963044 de [[Special:Contribs/Reverta-me|Reverta-me]]"

  1. Restore the content which would be deleted by the reversion, and add some extra, and save:

  1. Go to the first account and notice the reversion notification pointing to

On the other hand,

  1. Make the same edit again and open the diff with another account:

  1. Click on "undo" and copy the default revert summary
  2. Click on "edit" (i.e., discard the reversion and just start a new edit)
  3. Paste the revert summary in the summary field:

"Desfeita a edição 36963052 de [[Special:Contribs/Reverta-me|Reverta-me]]"

  1. Remove the content added by the first account from the edit box (i.e., make a "manual" reversion) and save:

  1. The first account will NOT be notified of this reversion
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This was resolved as part of introducing the EditResult class. Undos don't trigger a notification if they are not the result of a "clean" 3-way merge.