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UploadWizard UI is not responsive
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Currently, Wikimedia Commons UploadWizard is more or less unusable with mobile devices as there is a fixed display width is min 750px. With that the content is wider than the screen and using the UploadWizard would require constant both horizontal and vertical scrolling. There two-column layouts that don't fit the screen nicely so the layout should be one column only with mobile devices.

Most of the problems if not all could be fixed with CSS.

Gadget solution for converting UploadWizard to responsive layout:

Steps to Reproduce:

With Desktop
1.) Go with desktop browser to Commons, log in
2.) Got to
3.) Shrink window width to 600px or below

With mobile
1.) Go with mobile browser to Commons, log in
2.) Got to

Actual Results:

  • Only half of the page is visible in horizontally as the min for the content is 750px which is higher than the width of the display.

Expected Results:

  • The user could use a page without the need for the horisontal scrolling

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+1, also, why... wasn't this noticed before? I mean, UW is a central part of Commons and it's even linked on the main page, so it should be at least usable on mobile, right?

Similarly to @Zache I have a set of CSS hacks to make it work on my wiki. I'll try to make a patch that will fix the most obvious issues... sometime in the next month, I hope.

Jdlrobson added a subscriber: Jdlrobson.

I believe the structured data maintains this extension.

MarkTraceur added a subscriber: MarkTraceur.

"maintains" is a strong word for the relationship Structured Data has with this extension. We have an SLA level at or near "only security patches/issues will be considered". Nobody on the team has very much experience with it.

Inasmuch as it would be nice to have a lovely responsive experience for uploading files to Commons, that was never the intended use for UploadWizard and it would be far, far better to focus any such engineering effort on creating a new upload tool that's responsive from the start. UploadWizard is much too focused on handling every single edge case imaginable to make it a truly useful mobile-friendly interface.

Just my 2 cents here, but as Jon has helpfully put this on our backlog, I'll at least triage it at low priority. Even that may be too high.

@MarkTraceur. I would like to question your triage to low priority I demonstrated on the ticket that responsiveness could be mostly fixed just by CSS which is trivial and by focusing on creating a new upload tool the problem will be still there on 2025. Also uploading files to Commons are the most basic features of the site. It is a more elemental feature for the usage of the site than for example the structured data.

If you or your team don't like to do it then delegate it to somebody else. I guess that there is still somebody responsible for the mobile interface in the WMF?

@Zache: There isn't some storage room with a bunch of unused developers to assign tasks to. Feel also welcome to delegate this task to whoever is interested in working on it, plus see also for some background. Thanks a lot.

@Aklapper I didn't say that you would have bunch of unused developers. I wrote that priotizing this as low priority and postponing this to some unknown future is an error.

The Priority field reflects reality and does not cause it... Feel free to help create a different reality by finding someone with interest & capacity to work on this. Thanks!

There is now enabled by default CSS gadget in Wikimedia Commons for making Upload Wizard more mobile friendly.