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Announce Reply Tool opt-out deployment
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This is a task for making volunteers at the Arabic, Czech and Hungarian Wikipedias aware when and how the Reply Tool will be made available by default to all editors their wikis

Announcement components

This section contains the information we would like to communicate to volunteers at the Phase 1 wikis:

  • What is being changed?
  • Who will be affected by this change? How exactly will they be affected?
  • What can I do if I don't like this change?
  • When will this change happen?
  • Why is this change being made?
  • What can I do if notice something unexpected?
  • Where can I learn more about this feature and its development?
  • Special cases
    • People who turned the DiscussionTools Beta Feature on and then turned it back off, will see [ reply ] links on discussion pages once this deployment happens. To turn the tool off, these people will need to go to the new (regular) Special:Preferences (T259943) and turn it off again. Ordinarily, we'd make it so the software would carry this preference over, but a bug in how user preferences are stored (T260867) is preventing us from having the software behave in this way, for now.


WikiLink to announcement
hu. wiki

Deployment timing

Exact date is TBD; we are targeting the deployment to happen the week of 14-Sep-2020 or 21-Sep-2020


  • Messages containing the "Announcement components" above are posted at, and
  • Links to the messages posted at, and are linked in the "Announcements" section above

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ppelberg updated the task description. (Show Details)

@Dyolf77_WMF, @Urbanecm_WMF, @Samat, @Tacsipacsi: Peter and I just talked about this, and we think that this might happen on Tuesday, 22 September 2020. This is our current best guess; we may be wrong.

We are also concerned that a bug in the prefs database might cause a problem here. AIUI, it's likely that if someone turned on the Beta Feature, didn't like the Reply tool, and turned it back off, then that person would have to go to the new (regular) Special:Preferences and turn it off again. I know this isn't the end of the world, but we always try to respect those decisions. It just might not work this time.

Thank you @Dyolf77_WMF and @Tacsipacsi: I've added the links you shared to the task description's ===Announcements section and done the same for the message @Whatamidoing-WMF posted at [i].


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