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Investigate Japanese unintended recurring donations
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@KHancock99 noticed that even though the form at specifies uselang=jp, some of the labels on the form are still in English:

JPButtons.jpg (966×2 px, 418 KB)

We've received ~150 unintended recurring complaints from Japan so far in September, and this is likely related. Can we modify the form to translate these fields into Japanese? This is donor-facing and generating lots of help requests.

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MBeat33 triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Sep 9 2020, 12:12 AM

Hmm this is very strange. We proofed this and updated the translations back in July, as there is a comment thread on the jaJP main translation file discussing this specific landing page (as opposed to the email landing page) and that some of the translations that were originally missing (pre-campaign launch) were updated and ready to go. @Pcoombe any thoughts/ideas on how this broke?

As for the Japanese translations for the strings that are still in English, they reside here (see page 42):

When clicking the link Michael added I get the text in English as well, however, I think the language parameter may be wrong using jp rather than ja.

when updating to ja in the URL I see the text in Japanese.

Could it be that some donors are getting to the link using jp in the URL?

Thanks Jessica. I also tested out the flow. Starting from the WTG page, I clicked on Japanese (in the language bar), then clicked on Asia dropdown; selected Japan, and it takes me to the Japanese WTG page with language code JA. The translations display correctly. I also tried the donate link from the sidebar of the Japanese Wikipedia and the landing page displays correctly. I am stumped!

I can't figure out where these incorrect jp language codes are coming from. Looking at pgehres.landingimpressions_raw there's about 34 since the start of the campaign, almost all with either:


However I checked all the links on Ways to Give and in the Thank You page social media links, and they all use the correct uselang=ja.

I tried putting in redirects and copies of the translations at the /jp subpages as a fix, but that doesn't work. {{int:}} seems to just ignore anything that's not a valid language code.

Pcoombe lowered the priority of this task from Unbreak Now! to Needs Triage.Sep 9 2020, 4:31 PM
Pcoombe added a project:

Lowering priority since this is rare and isn't happening when the correct language code is used. It would be nice to show japanese translations in the case jp gets used in a link accidentally, but seems to be tricky.

Let's continue to look elsewhere for the source of unintended recurrings.

Pcoombe renamed this task from JP form: add translations for One time/Monthly, Other, and Amount to JP form: add translations for One time/Monthly, Other, and Amount when uselang=jp.Sep 9 2020, 4:32 PM

Thanks @Pcoombe I'm going to check w/Kris about how the URL surfaced, and also look into the donation sources for the recent JP unintended recurrings

Hi all, in my keenness to scribe my very first Phab comment, just sharing a response below that I just shared in another chat in the hope it offers context...

"That particular URL populated in my browser and I wish I knew how it came to be. Donors often feed URL's back to me in Zendesk when reporting errors and the like.
Now that we know via Peter that it certainly doesn't stem from the WMF, perhaps this rogue link is around the traps from the past in error, e.g. a well intentioned donor has been sharing the URL on social media after tweaking a 'unselang=en' link and it is doing the rounds. I am stumped.
Either way, it sounds like we are back to square one with solving the recurring problem. I might set aside some time today to review the initial Japanese cancel requests from a week ago to see if donors dropped any tiny hints in their language used that we missed. Will this help? I will share if I find anything. Thanks all, Kris

I looked up donation sources for a dozen, 7 had upsell-related UTM keys. @Pcoombe I can scan more, or try to get browser details for these donors, if that is useful.

dateticket #order IDdonation campaign source from CiviUTM sourceUTM key

These are from Zendesk tickets where donors are pretty insistent that they chose 'one time' in the donation form:

dateticket #order IDdonation campaign sourceUTM sourceUTM keycidnote
n/a796024n/an/an/an/a45938706no transaction; donor says PayPal initiated recurring?
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MBeat33 renamed this task from JP form: add translations for One time/Monthly, Other, and Amount when uselang=jp to Investigate Japanese unintended recurring donations.Sep 11 2020, 2:00 PM

Thanks for this @MBeat33 ... do you know (or perhaps Peter does):

"otherAmt_1~monthlyUpsell" ... does this mean the donor used one of the "Other" amount field in the main form, or the "Other" field in the MC form?

Or does *every* MC donation have that specific UTM tag?

I'm not sure what the UTM keys & tags mean in practice, @TSkaff

Hey @TSkaff and @MBeat33,

From my understanding those utm keys & tags indicate a sequence of actions that were taken, and 0 means False and 1 means True, so for example: otherAmt_1~monthlyUpsell_1~originalAmt_300~vw_375~vh_6 would mean the donor first entered a custom amount to donate in the banner, then selected the Yes I'll make a monthly donation, and their original donation amount was 300 (vw and vh are probably something to do with width and height but not sure what those variables mean).

We discussed this in a meeting and decided it would be a good idea to tag the monthly other option when that's selected...since it appears that's what might be causing some confusion here.

It may also be worth testing changing the colors of the buttons, so that it's more clear to users which option is selected.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @KHancock99!

@MBeat33 @krobinson We've made quite a few changes since this task, including to clarify monthly convert buttons. Do you feel like we still saw an unusual number of unintended recurrings in the more recent Japan campaigns? Or can we close this?