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Move reading lists REST API from RESTBase to MW Core REST API
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Currently the reading lists API in RESTBase is a simple proxy to reading lists action API in core, which was created because core did not have the capability to expose REST API.

Now we can create REST API in core, so the reading lists API in RESTBase should be removed, and moved into core. Potentially, reading lists action API should be eliminated as well, since it's only used by RESTBase.

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AFAICT, the logic behind it will be rewritten in the REST API, maybe in core or in the extension itself. This will go to the end of the queue for the migration of the services, low priority for now.

I think there is value in being able to use the pages in a reading list as an action API generator. The write endpoints are an awkward fit for the action API though (well, other than the fact that the action API has self-documentation and a sandbox and the REST API doesn't).

But the main reason it was done in RESTBase is that it's cross-wiki: the list can contain pages from different wikis, and we need to show PCS summary data for each. Since RESTBase has a cross-wiki cache of the summary data in Cassandra, it can do that easily; I'm not sure how that would work in a core API.

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