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Get platform engineering team green light for Cloud NAT to wikis change
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Before introducing the change in the parent task (, we would like to get a green light from the Platform Engineering team.

Placeholder task. More information will be added soon.

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aborrero triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 3 2021, 10:55 AM
aborrero created this task.
aborrero moved this task from Inbox to Soon! on the cloud-services-team (Kanban) board.

Pinging Traffic since this seems to be in their area. Not sure what PET can do here.

For the record, we already have a dedicated phab task for the traffic team: T273737: Get traffic team green light for Cloud NAT to wikis change

@daniel I think the most important part of the greenlight is if ratelimit in mediaiwki is going affect users (for example badlogin, etc.)

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The swap of Traffic for Traffic-Icebox in this ticket's set of tags was based on a bulk action for all such tickets that haven't been updated in 6 months or more. This does not imply any human judgement about the validity or importance of the task, and is simply the first step in a larger task cleanup effort. Further manual triage and/or requests for updates will happen this month for all such tickets. For more detail, have a look at the extended explanation on the main page of Traffic-Icebox . Thank you!

we would like to get a green light from the Platform Engineering team.

Platform Engineering does not exist anymore. Adding MediaWiki-Platform-Team as part of housekeeping to this lingering open task. In case this task isn't valid anymore, please close as invalid or declined. Thanks.

@Andrew @nskaggs - what's the status of this project? - Do you still need this? - if yes, what would be the timeline? Thanks!

This is still something the NetOps folks would like to see happen. This ticket specifically is a place to list issues or blockers with the plan to utilize the cloud NAT address in place of private addresses. See If the mediawiki platform team has no concerns, please state that accordingly and this ticket can be closed.

Note the overall project remains on hold for the foreseeable future due to other issues raised on the T272395: Cloud: reduce NAT exceptions from cloud to production.

Thanks @nskaggs! Just bring this up again once you know more about the timeline for this project, and I'll bring it to the team then!