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Clicking back in the search box should reactivate the suggestions
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Paste, not type, the word "surveying" into the Wikipedia search box.

20210324T110825.jpg (64×401 px, 4 KB)

You'll see at this point there is no way, no matter what you do with your mouse, to see any of the other possibilities, including "search pages containing this text."
At this point one needs to add a blank at the front to revive the matches.
Yes, "surveying" matches an existing page...
which is all what we get if we hit the magnifying glass.

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Or we can remove the g at the end of surveying, and put it back (easy... for English that is), finally revealing:

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Works fine for me. FF 87.0

@Jidanni What Browser and OS are you running? Does it appear if you wait a little bit (eg: slow internet connection)?

OK, let's say "I admit that what all you guys see is valid".
But can you try one additional test:
After entering the word "surveying", could you please hit the ESC button?
You will see the form now has lost all its magical powers and no mouse action can revive it.
Yes you can say "well who asked you to hit the ESC button?"
Well that is to simulate certain unnamed browser conditions.

It's not really "one additional test", that's a different condition.

However, if I test this on Google, for example, clicking in the search box again brings the autocomplete box back up again. This doesn't happen on MediaWiki

Reedy renamed this task from Search box loses all magic powers if one pastes text, instead of typing to Clicking back in the search box should reactivate the suggestions.Mar 24 2021, 5:15 AM

@Jidanni: Please do follow instead of ignoring it and making people ask follow-up questions. Thank you.

Noting that this is no longer an issue in the new version of the search widget (outside of legacy vector)

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Unless the plan is to drop jquery.suggestions entirely (someone can correct me on that), still a valid thing to ask for.

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