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[mobile] Add link-clicking on a link forces page to scroll
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Checked on iOS (I was not able to see the issue on emulators).

  1. On mobile on an article with add links, click on the one of the suggested link.
  2. The page will scrolls up (unnecessary) since the focus on the link won't be lost.
  3. The additional menu options appear - Select, editing options for Bold, Underline, Share etc. Only Share option can be used successfully - the words in the add link could be shared. Other options won't have any effect.

In the gif below clicking on the suggested link will trigger the scroll up of a screen and the option menu appears:

scroll_up_video2.gif (979×581 px, 2 MB)


  • VE allows to use editing options.
  • More screenshots examples of "interactive" options:
    IMG_9731.PNG (1×640 px, 160 KB)

IMG_9727.PNG (1×640 px, 167 KB)