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MonoBook users should check their preferences to avoid disruption
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Who: MonoBook has a preference that displays viewport adapting behaviour on mobile devices. If you use this, at a future date, this will temporarily stop working without any action.

In T285402, the MonoBook preference was generalized to become a preference that applies to all skins and in several weeks time it will apply to MonoBook replacing the existing preference.

How: TO see if you are impacted visit [[ Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-rendering ]] and check if the "Enable responsive MonoBook design" is unticked like so:

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 3.58.25 PM.png (126×638 px, 8 KB)

If it is, you will need to untick the box "Enable responsive mode":

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 4.02.01 PM.png (148×1 px, 28 KB)

Note project admins can automate this migration with the following temporary code inside MediaWiki:MonoBook.js:

 * Monobook preference migration code.
function updateCorePreferenceIfMonobookSet() {
    var api = new mw.Api();
    var val = mw.user.options.get( 'skin-responsive' );
    var skinResponsiveNotSet = val !== 0;
    var api = new mw.Api();
    // No viewport detected in HTML and new MediaWiki core preference is not set.
    if ( !$( 'meta[name=viewport]' ).length && skinResponsiveNotSet ) {
        api.saveOption( 'skin-responsive', 0 );
$( updateCorePreferenceIfMonobookSet );

Note about db migration

The number of users impacted is quite low, but we could run a database migration if we prefer, migrating monobook-responsive preference to skin-responsive.

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Change 702764 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson; author: Jdlrobson):

[mediawiki/skins/MonoBook@master] Drop MonoBook responsive preference

The description needs correction, see my comment at T285402#7195506

The action is the important thing here. Sooner the action happens the sooner we can remove it.

I suggest this code:

 * Monobook preference migration code.
function updatePreferencesIfResponsiveMonobookDesignDisabled() {
	if ( $( 'meta[name=viewport]' ).length ) { return }

	mw.loader.using( [ 'mediawiki.api', 'user.options' ] ).done( function () {
		var skinResponsiveEnabled = mw.user.options.get( 'skin-responsive' ) !== 0;
		// No viewport detected in HTML and new MediaWiki core preference is checked.
		if ( skinResponsiveEnabled ) {
			new mw.Api().saveOption( 'skin-responsive', 0 );
	} );
$( updatePreferencesIfResponsiveMonobookDesignDisabled );

However, this still means that switching to Monobook skin even for a split second will disable responsive mode for all skins without the user noticing. It isn't ideal in the long term.

I don't know if there's a process for this, but is it possible to also include this in this week's tech news, to say the change will be occurring this week (T285402 got merged). Something simple such as :
"if you are using MonoBook and experiencing changes in how the skin appears please refer to T285991.

Jdlrobson claimed this task.