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Create plan for scaling topic subscriptions as beta feature to all projects
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This task represents the work with developing the plan for scaling manual topic subscriptions as a beta feature to all Wikimedia wikis, beginning with Wikipedias.

Deployment phases

Below are the phases in which we *plan* to offer the Manual Topic Subscriptions feature as a Beta Feature at all projects. As with all deployments, this plan could change depending on what emerges in the conversations with volunteers at these projects.

Phase 0Wikipedias: Arabic, Czech, French, Hungarian, and Dutch, Meta, MediaWiki
Phase 1Wikidata and Commons
Phase 2All Wikipedias except English
Phase 3Sister projects + English Wikipedia

Open questions

  • To what extent do we need to consider the estimated growth in the number of new comment notifications being sent as part of this planning?

As discussed during this week's team meeting, we do not anticipate offering Manual Topic Subscriptions as a Beta Feature at all projects to introduce any scaling issues.


  • A plan is created and documented on this ticket that orders all Wikimedia wikis into a phased deployment sequence

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