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Back navigation from the translation editor needs adjustment
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Currently in section Translation leaving the translation editor by going back (back arrow in the UI) leads to unexpected destinations:

  • When translating a new article with Section Translation that does not exist in the target wiki (T260144), leaving the translation editor leads to a blank screen. I tried this when translating the Plants in space article from English to Bengali (link on test wiki). See more details below.
  • When expanding an article, leaving the editor leads to the "Compare the contents" step. This does not seem very helpful since the options available are to either get into the translation again (where the use came from) or keep moving back (select different section from the list or article from the dashboard).

This ticket proposes to adjust the destination for both cases to be the confirmation step. In this way, users have the option to readjust their action at hand (bookmark for later, change language, select different section, discard, etc.) without losing the previous selection. Note for the future: once persistence is supported, navigation can go directly to the dashboard for cases where an in-progress translation (T260165) was created (i.e., when the user made changes in the editor).

More details on the blank page issue

A video below illustrates the issue:

Errors in the Javascript console show the following:

GET 404
Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected token P in JSON at position 0

Note that the issue does not happen when the article exists in the target wiki (expand with a section). However, in that case the destination of the navigation (currently the "Compare the contents" step) could be adjusted too. So it may make sense to navigate to the translation dashboard in both cases.