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Move translatable page OTRS on Commons
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Please help us with moving a translatable page on Commons that has over 500 subpages. This task is basically the same request as T284118 (but on Commons instead of Meta).

We want to move the page Commons:OTRS to the new name of Commons:Volunteer Response Team

The message we got is:

This translatable page consists of over 500 pages. Moving this many pages has been found to be unreliable. Please contact a system administrator to do this via a maintenance script.

If possible, use the following edit summary for the move:

OTRS -> VRTS renaming process; see [[Phab:T280392]] and [[Phab:T280397]]

Relevant link and tasks:

Thank you!

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-07-24T11:04:15Z] <urbanecm> [urbanecm@mwmaint2002 ~]$ mwscript extensions/Translate/scripts/moveTranslatablePage.php --wiki=commonswiki --reason='OTRS -> VRTS renaming process; see [[Phab:T280392]] and [[Phab:T280397]]' --move-subpages 'Commons:OTRS' 'Commons:Volunteer Response Team' 'Martin Urbanec' # T287321

Urbanecm claimed this task.
Urbanecm added a subscriber: Urbanecm.

The script finished, page was moved. Please create redirects manually as required.

This comment was removed by Nardog.

Moving a translatable page never creates redirects, it's not even an option in the interface. T41023: Special:MovePage for translatable pages should provide option to create redirect and move talk has seen some recent activity though, so this may be fixed finally.

I am moving the talk pages by hand. Please helm in double checking it, as well as eventual double redirects. Thanks.