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<Path to Production> Image Suggestions POC
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Request Status: Actively in Development
Request Type: project support request
Related OKRs: TGUC KR1

Request Title: Image Suggestions POC

  • Request Description: Support the creation of image suggestion data with the ability to serve it to a mobile front-end to validate POC.
  • Indicate Priority Level: High
  • Main Requestors: Growth (Marshall M.)
  • Ideal Delivery Date: October 31, 2021
  • Stakeholders: Structured Data (Shari W.), SDAW Grant (Carly B.), Android (Jazmin T.)

Request Documentation

Document TypeRequired?Document/Link
Related PHAB TicketsYesImage Suggestion API Phab Board
Product One PagerYes<add link here>
Product Requirements Document (PRD)YesImage Suggestion API PRD
Product RoadmapYesGrowth's Add an Image
Product Planning/Business CaseNo<add link here>
Product BriefNo<add link here>
Other LinksNo<add links here>

Event Timeline

Notes from October 13, 2021 Steering Committee:
Does SRE have any concerns with using WMCS for prototype?

  • Very similar to running on cloud, and it is external to the Wikis
  • Not sure hot well it will perform, so as long as there is no SLA/SLO then we are okay
  • Availability can’t be guaranteed
  • As long as Product Owner is okay with it, than SRE doesn’t have much of an issue
  • Can’t use SQL lite in Production
  • More about size of the image and how much disk space the service is

What are the Security concerns?

  • John B. was unable to attend. Seve to follow-up asynchronously
DAbad changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Oct 14 2021, 3:19 PM
DAbad triaged this task as High priority.