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Disable static maps and thumbnails for es.wikipedia
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As per community consensus, the Spanish Wikipedia community would like to request that their Katographer configuration be amended to make their maps dinamic, disabling static maps and static thumbnails.

Vote sponsor mentioned that this should be the same configuration that Wikimedia Commons use.

Thank you.

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Change 723689 had a related patch set uploaded (by MarcoAurelio; author: MarcoAurelio):

[operations/mediawiki-config@master] [eswiki] Disable static mapframes

I think the above patch will make eswiki behave like Commons with regards to Maps. I'm tagging Maps here so they can review both Task and Patch. Thanks in advance.

In eswiki, this option - direct interactive map, without static thumbnail and full screen requirement - is fully functional in edit-preview mode, being deactivated when saving the edit. In case it's useful or orients the resolution.

Change 723689 merged by jenkins-bot:

[operations/mediawiki-config@master] [eswiki] Disable static mapframes

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-10-06T18:31:57Z] <legoktm@deploy1002> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: eswiki: Disable static mapframes (T291736) (duration: 01m 17s)

MarcoAurelio removed a project: Patch-For-Review.

Done. Please note that it won't take effect immediatelly as the parser cache needs to expire in order for the new dynamic maps to appear. Please let the wiki do so automatically. Best regards.

The change is being reverted due to performance issues.

Reverted in

Reason for revert: Loads large JS/CSS dependencies client-side.

Legoktm added subscribers: Krinkle, Legoktm.

After some discussion with @Krinkle on IRC I'm reverting this for now:

11:34:21 <Krinkle> eh, wait, disabling static thumbnails is a feature?
11:34:39 <Krinkle> Does this mean it's loading that whole OOUI and map backend interaction and canvas rendering on page load?
11:35:12 <legoktm> has an example in the infobox
11:36:53 <Krinkle> mw.loader.findReady('oojs-ui-widgets')
11:36:53 <Krinkle> 0: Array [ "ext.kartographer.dialog" ]
11:36:57 <Krinkle> oojs-ui-core as well
11:37:17 <Krinkle> and -styles, and -windows
11:37:22 <Krinkle> that's half a meg or so
11:37:44 <legoktm> ohhh
11:38:11 <Krinkle> findReady is my custom script. mw.inspeect() is another way to see it more easily
11:38:28 <Krinkle> the top 10 largest modules on that page are mapbox and ooui modules
11:39:22 <Krinkle> anyway, perhaps kartographer could be improved to be more usable from its static version. e.g. HiDPI and feeling more interactable. I'm assuming the community vote came from it not being clear that the feautres are available, it feels too indirect.
11:39:29 <Krinkle> good reason for product to think about :)

I agree that it makes more sense to figure out what specific features are wanted in static mode and implementing them in a performant manner rather than disabling it altogether.

(I don't have an opinion on whether this should be open or declined, I think the underlying request of better features is valid, but the implementation still needs work on the MW side)