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Add The Wikipedia Library to the interwiki map
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As suggested in T295621, we can leverage the interwiki map to accomplish two things:

  • Providing users who click the Wikipedia Library notification with a notice that they're leaving Wikipedia
  • Fixing the markasread behaviour so that clicking the notification marks the notification as read (because users land on a Wiki page first)

This task only covers getting the library added to the interwiki map.

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Samwalton9 added a subscriber: Urbanecm.

@Urbanecm I see you've been active at recently - could you shine a light on whether this is a valid use case for the interwiki map, before I post a request there? I notice that page implies that it's only supposed to be used for links which are used across a lot of pages - we're wanting to leverage it for a slightly different reason, though it's technically true that the link would be used a lot.

Quiddity added a subscriber: Quiddity.

If I understand correctly, the User-notice tag was not intended to be replicated here (it was just copied whilst creating the subtask), so I'm removing it.
If I'm mistaken, please re-add it, and let us know what you want the Tech News entry to say! Thanks.