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Add talk page bubble entry points to article view
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Based on our user testing research and consideration of designers across platforms, we are exploring a more exposed talk page entry point by way of a bubble and number of active discussions.

When a user is not in Reading Focus mode, expose talk page bubble aligned right on LtR, and aligned left on RtL, with the active number of discussion subjects.

User Story
When editing Wikipedia on Android, I want an easily discoverable entry point for talk pages in the article view, so that I have a better idea if an edit I am going to make is likely being discussed on the talk page, or if I should start a new discussion as well as an easy place to click to navigate to the article talk page.


Custom_experience_02.png (1×720 px, 584 KB)

@SNowick_WMF and @Sharvaniharan ensure the new entry point is instrumented


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Note: To track usage we will add a value articleBubble to the source* column in schema MobileWikiAppTalk as discussed with @Sharvaniharan.

*"Source from where the user came into the Talk workflow. Can be any value from the InvokeSource enumeration."

A dependency ticket has been created. T298814. Move this ticket to Blocked/Waiting.

Moved this back to Blocked/Waiting since I cannot find the bubble icon in the CSS asset and that requires the PI team to add it and deploy to the server.