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[EPIC] Onboarding and Guidance
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Historically as the Android team rolls out new features we add tool tips and onboarding on a feature by feature basis. At times the tooltips can conflict with each other and there hasn't been deliberate thought recently on how we would like to guide users through different experiences within the app. Through this project we will take stock of our current guidance and onboarding and create a comprehensive workflow. Our ultimate goal by making these changes is to retain our app users, and any edits they make by exposing the right features to the right audiences at the right time and ensuring they have the necessary information at the right time.

Must haves

  • An Inventory of our current onboarding and tooltip triggers
  • A proposed new workflow considering the state for new users and existing based on current features
  • What happens when someone doesn't want to pursue our path and knows where they want to go

Bonus points for considering

  • Rules for adding new features

Some other stuff to consider/discuss

  • Are there differences in other apps (non Western especially) that we should consider as it relates to onboarding

User Stories

As an experienced editor on Japanese Wikipedia using the Android app for the first time, I want to be guided to the tools I care about the most, so I can bypass reading features and edit the things I care about most.

As an avid reader of French and Arabic Wikipedia and new editor, I want to know how to easily switch between wikis and tools, so that I can read to get the information that I need but help grow content where I see gaps, when I have the time.



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Some (entertaining) inspiration for onboarding, spotted over at Figma (Figjam) 👇

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