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Provide an easy way on the front-end for Wikifunctions to know what languages are supported (and what their ZIDs are)
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Some quick notes:

  • It doesn't look like there's a hook in ApiQueryLanguageinfo that we can extend to add extra fields
  • Maybe we could sub-class ApiQueryLanguageinfo in core with a secondary query meta module in WikiLambda, but that feels messy.
  • There's the ApiQuery::moduleManager hook which lets us add modules conditionally; it might let us slip ours into the stack somewhere as a replacement? But that feels very fragile and icky.

Actually, we should probably just use a regular ZObject selector tuned to the type of a "Z60/Natural language".

We have used a different approach that is more inline with the designs provided. At this point in time I do not think we need this component anymore, @Jdforrester-WMF are you ok if we close this task.