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Design review for edit function and view function
Open, Needs TriagePublic


  • Desktop and mobile review
  • Editing a function
  • Adding an alias
  • Clicking cancel while editing an existing function
  • Changing the name of a function
  • Adding another language label for a function
  • The tooltips for input types
  • Selecting an input/output type
  • Viewing a function (about tab)
  • Viewing an untitled function
  • Viewing a function using a fallback language title
  • Showing names and aliases in other languages
  • Viewing aliases
  • The example box
  • The top level text
  • Viewing a function (details tab)
  • The existence of tables
  • Editing the function from the sidebar
  • Inputs and outputs
  • Show more languages for inputs and outputs (and the copy text)
  • Links to creating a new implementation/test
Test site here