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Function Editor - Provide the ability for users to publish, write implementation and cancel function
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As an user I would like to have access to a set of commands that will allow me to save and/or cancel a function.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Add a new component in the editor to handle the function command
  • If the user clicks "cancel" navigate to the "special:CreateObject" page
  • if the user has not completed all the required information the publish and write implementation button are greyed out
  • if the user has completed all the enquired steps the buttons are enabled
  • if the user loads an existing function (function editing), or has just published a function, the first button shows the word "published!"
  • if the user makes any change to the function since load or since publishing, the button will change to "publish"
  • If the user Clicks "publish" the UI will save the function and provide a visual UI (green toast) to congratulate the user
NOTE: we are NOT going to define the Write implementation and Edit Summary boxes until further information are received.