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Launch Wikifunctions
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DVrandecic triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Feb 27 2021, 12:52 AM
thiemowmde lowered the priority of this task from Unbreak Now! to Needs Triage.Mar 2 2021, 8:43 AM
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@DVrandecic A priority as extreme as "unbreak now" for an otherwise normal task appears to be a mistake. See

@thiemowmde this might need to be re-triaged now. It could be High or Medium.

@AnotherEditor144: I don't think such comments are particularly helpful... (More context: 1, 2, 3)

This is not about the wiki itself, but other Wikimedia wikis will need a way to reference the new wiki. This requires deciding before the lauch what will be the interwiki prefix used, and prepare the other wikis to make sure they don't use the prefix in some titles of pages in their main namespace.

I have already proposed "f:", or alternatively "wf:" or "fn:" (but not any 3-letter prefix that should remain reserved for ISO 639-3/5 languages; the 2-letter prefixes cause no problem as ISO 639-1/2 is supposed to be closed for new registrations of languages or language families, both "fn" and "wf" are and will very likely remain unassigned by ISO 639 and in BCP47). All these should be checked on all existing supported wikis, and each relevant community on these wikis should be informed, if needed, when some of their pages will need to be renamed. This requires some prior discussion (just like what already occured in the past with the introduction of "c:" for referencing Wikimedia Commons), and further edits on some local pages or templates to fix the collisions (we won't support the basic page redirections for long). When pages are renamed, we need some delay (one month or more) to allow propagation in external sites that may reference these wikis.

As well corrections will be needed for the links in Wikidata Commons and all other interwiki links that may remain to the target wiki that was using these prefixes in pages (or talk pages) of their main namespace.

Such transition will then be long if there are pages to rename, and this must be prepared before the final launch. So we should study this at least 6 months before the launch, and decide the prefix at least 3 months before, so that all local wiki communities will be informed (in their respective language!) and prepared (cleaning up their local pages, fixing local links, fixing local templates and modules...)

Otherwise the only reasonnable possibility will be to use the lengthy "wikifunctions:" interwiki prefix (which I assume is not used in any wiki for any pages, or will be evidently already focused on the Wikifunctions topic itself, so it won't affect many pages).

Note that this lenghty "wikifunctions:" prefix should still be reserved, and could be used early during all the pre-launch phase to refer to the new wiki deployed in its beta version for pre-launch test, so that we can check that users can logon with Single Sign-On from any public Wikimedia wiki, and have their global preferences (or restrictions, including global bans) applied.

But note that, like on Wikimedia Commons or Wikidata, the short interwiki prefix will be useful to avoid an aliasing collision with the local "Project:" namespace (notably for cross-wiki messages that are translated and contain links to pages of the Wikifunctions wiki, that may be external from another wiki, or internal in Wikifunctions itself), because MediaWiki still offers no syntaxic way to distinguish an interwiki prefix from a local namespace prefix, and from a basic prefix in a page title where colons are valid. Like on Wikimedia Commons or Wikidata, their associated interwiki prefixes (short or long) should be resolved locally and silently discarded (and can no longer be part of a prefix for any page title in their main namespace).

If we opt to just keep the lengthy prefix for now, the decision to implement a short interwiki prefix may be delayed after the launch. The introduction of the short prefix could then be made progressively (on most wikis except a few where more time is needed to make local changes, but they won't be able to choose another short prefix: the short prefix should be the same across all Wikimedia wikis).

This interwiki prefix is independant of the choice of the domain name "", when it will become routable to the new wiki (for use in URLs, not in wikilinks).