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Archive the JsonData extension
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Extension is abandonware

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Reedy renamed this task from Archive the mediawiki/extensions/JsonData extension to Archive the JsonData extension.Mar 6 2022, 3:50 PM
Reedy updated the task description. (Show Details)

The documentation isn’t really useful, and I haven’t dug into the code to understand what it does, but isn’t JsonConfig a viable alternative? If it is, it could be mentioned on the extension page so that eventual existing users can migrate to that.

Note: if you remove the <translate> tags, then existing translated subpages will be left "as is" (in their last state) but will become editable directly. However they will no longer be referenced by the "Other Languages" list in the sidebar

So the top "<languages/>" tag that was deleted at the same time should be replaced by placing a "{{Languages}}" navigation template (which lists major languages and still links to a "SpecialPrefixIndex:Pagename/" to list all others, inside a banner; as well there should be an additional banner below syaing that these documentations pages are about an archived project (which may still be used and needed by other wikis still using these extensions, even if they are no longer maintained... unless they are resumed by someone resuming it, possibly in a new branch with a different name). Keeping archives alive is important for the transition (if wikis want to do it safely, or want to keep these extensions "as is" and have no plan to remove them immediately).

In TWN (, there are banner templates to mark pages that are outdated/no longer maintained/archived, but maybe a new generic one for such case could be created.

As well TWN has specific categories for "Formerly supported projects", whose translation is no longer possible with the Translate UI and is no longer proposed in the list of message groups that need translation (including the selector on the homepage).

Existing translations are still useful inside the "translation memory": they help translating other projects with a common terminology (notably, many extensions are transitioned to other ones with similar needs, or are merged into a single unified one: keeping the terminology used is often desirable).

Pppery added a subscriber: Pppery.

What are you talking about? is not, and has never been, translatable.

This is about the checkboxes on the To-do list above (in task description):

  • "On-wiki documentation" : "If documentation page was translatable, remove <translate>..."
  • "": " Remove from"

May be this is a generic task description that was copy-pasted from other projects and these two points are not relevant here. But this is still a concern for your source template that was copy-pasted.

This is about the checkboxes on the To-do list above (in task description):

File a new task against Projects-Cleanup asking to update the "Request repository archiving" form, ideally with an exact replacement line(s).

I've been thinking about picking up development of this extension again, and I'd appreciate it if it weren't deleted. Many of my personal copies of the source code were stored in "the cloud" (e.g. at a website that Atlassian purchase), and while I could piece together the old history, I would appreciate having the source code here. Plus, y'all seemed to have updated my old source code to handle versions of PHP newer than PHP4 (which I appreciate).

Dinoguy1000 changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Mar 7 2022, 7:00 AM

Changing to stalled per T303132#7755742.

@RobLa, does this extension provide anything that JsonConfig doesn’t / does it anything better than JsonConfig? Nothing against your code, but maintaining two extensions for essentially the same purpose looks a waste of efforts. (Please note that the checklist says to delete only the GitHub mirror; the Gerrit and Phabricator copies should only be archived, so the whole commit history would be retained; if you just don’t want to see your code irrecoverably disappear, you don’t have to worry.)