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Gitlab CI should be able to publish static html docs
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I'd like to build and publish Python Sphinx html docs for a python library repository somewhere they can be read in a browser by users of this library. would be a great place, but anywhere publicly accessible (gitlab pages?) would be just fine too.

Event Timeline would be a great place, but anywhere publicly accessible (gitlab pages?)

I'd assume we'd prefer as the canonical location of most Wikimedia-related documentation? I'm not sure pages was a planned, enabled feature for Or if it's just on by default? Anyhow, in the engineering-all email, @thcipriani mentioned that there might be issues around a trusted build environment as it related to I do believe there is some consensus that is already a less-trusted domain, given its absence from $wgCrossSiteAJAXdomains, etc.

For mwbot-rs I'd like to publish coverage reports and generated rustdoc documentation.

IMO GitLab Pages should be enabled! Potentially even integrating it with Toolforge would be great; it’d allow for easier publishing of static sites on there, no SSH required.

There's, though I'm not sure if it has any support for building on push, but might be extended for that I guess :) (cc. @Samwilson)

Building tool-docs on push could definitely be done! And in fact it's probably a better way to do things than the periodic checking all tools for a docs directory, as it does now. It's already got the beginnings of GitLab integration with the translation stuff (although that needs more work).

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This seems to be covered by, closing.