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[WtC] [EPIC] Migrate Query Builder to Codex
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Query Builder allows users to build queries visually, through an interface, instead of using SPARQL.

The tool was built as a single page application using UI components from the WiKit design system. WiKit is in the process of being deprecated in favor of Codex, the new Wikimedia design system.

Main objective

Migrate the Query Builder tool to Codex. This involves:

  • Replacing the components used in Query Builder's UI 1:1, making sure that all functionality is preserved
  • Replacing current styling using Codex style tokens and mixins
  • Ensure that product requirements such as internationalization, accessibility and responsiveness (which is currently a blocker T302889) are met


Migrating the Query builder tool will involve having to reimplement some components (LOD-specific) using Codex, and storing those new components in a new library of LOD components (see T338631: [WtC] Evaluate and plan the creation of a library of LOD components).