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Enable sticky header in all namespaces
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This is a tracking task for [potentially] making the sticky header the vector (2022) introduces available on all pages, in all namespaces.


NamespaceRelevant Ticket(s)StatusNotes
Talk pages (all namespaces)T328133✅ Done
Talk pages (article and user talk)T304188✅ Done
History pagesContext: T328133#8585522
DiffsContext: T328133#8585522

The need for this ticket emerged during the 14 February 2023 Editing - Web check in meeting.

Event Timeline

ppelberg renamed this task from Enable sticky header on all pages, in all namespaces to Enable sticky header in all namespaces.Feb 14 2023, 8:09 PM
ppelberg updated the task description. (Show Details)

I was going to try to add to the table in the task description, but I thought it would be more clear to add a better description here:

Unless there is a specific reason to exclude the sticky header from a page or class of pages, it should appear on every page where the fixed top-of-page header appears. Editors expect the top-of-page header to persist upon scrolling on all pages, including Special pages, the Watchlist, search results, and elsewhere. In other words, the sticky header's presence should be treated as "opt-out" rather than its current "opt-in" behavior.