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Update Typography guidelines in Codex Style guide
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Right now, the styles included in the Typography section of Codex's Design Style are not fully aligned with the Codex font styles documented Figma (see v15, also included in our Figma Tokens library).

For example, we document a placeholder style that's not included in Figma, while UI text styles (the base to define placeholders) are omitted.

Why is this bad?

There's an inconsistency between our different sources of truth when it comes to the styles themselves, and some of their properties. This needs to be solved, so our typography mixins (T333890) are also based on a clear and agreed-upon source.

Open Questions
  • Do we need the type styles to be documented in both Figma and on the docs site or can we just point designers to the docs site?
Acceptance Criteria
  • There's alignment on which styles need to be included in the Typography section of Codex's Style guide and Figma
  • There's alignment on all the visual properties of said styles, which unblocks handover to engineering
  • The different type styles for the different character sets are documented

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