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rename Special:History to Special:MobileHistory?
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Jun 22 2023, 7:18 PM
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  • For consistency with Special:MobileDiff
  • Is not intuitive that Special:History is the mobile version, and Special:PageHistory is the normal one. Adding "Mobile" would help indicate this.

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Special:History should also probably redirect to Special:PageHistory in that case.

Not sure what’s unlikely to happen though. Yes, it would be great when the mobile history page would be removed, but Special:History should still be the default name of the redirecting special page. The perfect should not be enemy of the good tbh.

Sorry @stjn let me provide a more detailed reply here:

  • The mobile history page is unmaintained. At some point it should be removed. I suspect this is only a matter of it blocking something important.
  • Desktop history page is not a special page
  • Any change here should not "break the web" e.g. existing links should work.
  • Historically I believe there was a Special:History page in desktop but that got removed at some point.

On short term it would be great if redirected to the desktop special page. This would likely need some changes to the SpecialHistory class in MobileFrontend and I'm not sure who would do that, but if someone provides a patch I'd be happy to review it but it's unlikely to happen otherwise.

On long term, SpecialHistory in MobileFrontend should be removed and replaced with a redirect, just as we've done with other special pages in mobile e.g. This is tracked in T305113 and I'm hoping this will be done by June next year at latest.

Jdlrobson changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Dec 13 2023, 10:23 PM

Will be resolved by T353388