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e2e tests for DefaultView: Fix and re-enable once DefaultView is fully finished
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Some e2e tests are currently testing Implementation and Tester pages, and Evaluate Function widgets, which are currently going through some structural changes.

Once the following tasks are finished:

We can re-activate the tests and work on fixing them.

Tests to fix:

  • specs/function.js
    • should allow to evaluate a function
  • specs/implementation.js
    • Implementation via composition
      • should navigate to the implementation form
      • should fill the entries in the about section
      • should fill the entries in the composition block
      • should publish the new implementation
      • should display the entries in the about section
  • specs/tester.js
    • should display the call function block parameters
    • should display the validation block parameters
  • specs/type.js
    • should fill the entries in the keys block
  • specs/connect.js (stopped working with new Function Evaluator path 934407)
    • Normal user:
      • Connect implementation
        • should open the "Detail" view of the function page
        • should not be able to either approve or deactivate the implementation
      • Connect tester
        • should open the "Detail" view of the function page
        • should not be able to approve or deactivate the test case

Completion checklist

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@gengh could you let me know if I can start fixing the e2e tests once 934407 is merged or there is more UI updates going to be done on default view? yes, I believe after this patch we can safely fix the e2e tests.

Other tasks might slightly alter things:

  • T340733 will fix error reporting in the Publish Dialog
  • T336877 introducing a "Cancel" button in the Publish widget
  • T336984 on implementation - composition, in the collapsed view of the function call, instead of showing the argument reference keys, we will show the labels:

Screenshot from 2023-07-07 12-38-21.png (115×692 px, 17 KB)

But I think these changes are very little that should not significantly affect the e2e tests

Change 935878 had a related patch set uploaded (by; author:

[mediawiki/extensions/WikiLambda@master] e2e: Enable the tests again

Change 935878 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/WikiLambda@master] e2e: Enable the tests again

DVrandecic subscribed.

Thank you Nikhil!