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Second roll-out for Patroller Tasks
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This is the engineering task to

  • Expand the feature to be available for French and Spanish wikis


  • This feature should only display for a user's primary language wiki in the App, if they have rollback rights on that wiki.
  • If a user changes their primary language to a language where it's rolled out, but they do not have rights, the feature should not appear in Edits
  • If a user changes their primary language to a language where it's rolled out, and they have rights, the feature should appear in Edits
Target Quant Regions and Languages

First Target Wiki

  • Indonesian

Next Round Target Wikis

  • French
  • Spanish

Final Targets before full scale

  • Chinese
  • Igbo
  • English

Community consultations

  • Indonesian
  • French
  • Spanish

Translations of Warning Messages necessary if that work is released by time of rollout

  • Indonesian
  • French
  • Spanish

Target release date: Week of March 18


Event Timeline

Hi @scblr, could you confirm that this change of Bring back Wiki filters to the feature does not require any further design work?
I see it's in the figma for the filter screen

Hi @scblr, @HNordeenWMF and @JTannerWMF

The current logic in the Suggested Edits main screen:

We make an API request for the primary language to get whether the user has rollback right or in the sysop group.

If we want to enable the wiki filter for the second roll-out, something we should think about:

  1. Do we only need to check if the primary language is one of the available languages (id, fr, es) and also user has the right or is in the group in the primary language wiki?
  2. A following question to 1.: If the primary language is en but the user has the available languages added (for example, id and fr), do we need to check if the user has the right or is in the group for those wikis? If not, the "Patroller Tasks" card will not show in the Suggested edits main screen because the primary language (en) is not available yet.
  3. A following question to 2.: If yes, what if the user has the rollback right for fr but not for es, do we need to remove the language from the wiki filter section?

@cooltey I updated the description reflect our decision to only display for Primary language. Let me know if any questions remain.

When we get to scaling to all wikis, we will consult with global sysops on the importance of language selection and ability to patrol in multiple languages, and explore decoupling patrolling language selection from main app language.

@scblr could you please update the Edit Patrol filter screens in Figma/Epic to remove the language filter?


Done! No UI changes, but you can still download the APK to check it. Feel free to move it to the code review.

Removed the languages from the Figma screens and moved this task to code review @cooltey @HNordeenWMF

ABorbaWMF subscribed.

Testing on on 2.7.50476-beta-2024-03-12

The requirements above are working for me. Edit Patrol appears on when I use an account with rollback permissions and the Test language is the primary language. check:

  • Sele (without rollback rights) confirmed she does not see Edit Patrol
  • Oscar (with rollback rights) confirmed he does see Edit Patrol check: Peter (with rollback rights) did not see Edit Patrol in Beta App check: Benoit cannot access from his app, he is checking with other folks