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QA desktopwebuiactionstracking schema port to the new metrics platform
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Objective: To analyze the quality of the data collected with a new Metrics Platform-based instrument (mediawiki_web_ui_actions) by comparing that data to the data collected with the existing non-Metrics Platform-based instrument (desktop_web_ui_actions) and verify whether the migration to Metrics Platform can proceed or if there are any issues that need to be resolved.

Prerequisites for data QA

  • Mapping of old instrumentation to new instrumentation: LINK TO DOCUMENT
    • This is primarily driven by engineer performing the migration
    • Analyst reviews map for completeness and correctness, and contributes/assists as needed
  • Specific QA needs have been identified and are agreed upon (SEE BELOW)
      • Analyst decides in collaboration with engineers/PM whether to QA the whole instrument, or if there are key parts that should be QAed and the rest can be assumed to be okay.
      • Document the parts and the relevant queries:
    • (1) overall counts by action and sub-action (if applicable)
    • if relevant (2) counts by specific identifiers (e.g. by session)
    • NOTE: these queries will almost always be limited by time in some way
  • New instrument has been deployed and activated (Link to Phab task)
      • Engineer has verified that events are flowing in and that the instrument is not producing schema validation errors.
    • Verify that events are flowing in:
      • EventGate Grafana dashboard
      • Kafka by Topic Grafana dashboard
      • EventStreams
  • New instrument doesn't have any schema validation errors
  • Prioritization agreement between analyst & PM of the QA work in the context of other needs/requests (e.g. PM may need to wait longer for some analysis so that the analyst can do the QA work)
  • Documentation of old and new table names and date of deployment for analyst's reference:
InstrumentTable nameStream deployed (if applicable)

Data QA checklist

If more than one instrument is being migrated, these steps need to be completed for each one.

    • Count the daily number of schema validation errors for
      • Old instrument
      • New instrument
  • Compare counts of events by action and sub-action (as defined in the mapping from prerequisites)
      • if relevant Compare counts by specific identifier (as defined in the prerequisites)
    • Upload QA notebooks to Gitlab, making sure to follow data publication guidelines
    • Document any issues (or notable observations found) on this ticket
    • Resolve this ticket

NOTE: If any issues were identified that require fixing the new instrument, data QA of the fixed instrument will need to be filed as a new Phab task. Some of the checked prerequisites will carry over.

See Metrics Platform Instrument Migration Data QA Process Description for more details.

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Specific QA Needs:

  1. Compare old schema with new schema.
  2. Note any discrepancies with volume between old and new.
  3. Note any fields that are returning values not consistent with previous values.
  4. Note any blockers in data collection and querying.

Migration of desktopwebuiactionstracking schema is ready for QA.
The mobilewebuiactionstracking schema is pending for migration.

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