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UploadWizard: Make category suggestions case-insensitive
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I wrote a comment, but it failed to upload from some reason, re-submitting:

When one add a category through upload wizard category adder, it give some suggestion (using hot-cat style). Though, when try to add something like:
Professors from israel, the suggestion stops at the i since the category's name is Professors from Israel. Would be moew user-friendly to suggest the right category name and if choosen, uppercase or lowercase as needed.

Hi there!

We accomplish this using the mw.api.getCategoriesByPrefix [0] function. Until that function has this capability, this is not a UW bug, it's upstream. Sorry!



The mediawiki.api module is just a convenience wrapper in javascript around jQuery.ajax and the server-side api.php. Features such as case-insensitive search require much deeper integration:

  • (massive) Database indexes for searching
  • then (easy) support in the api.php module for allpages/prefix

mediawiki.api.category would transparently start working (or if needed, pass a simple parameter to trigger it)

Rephrasing bug to represent the original use case.

Implementation could vary. Implementing case-insensitive prefix search in allpages would require a huge database index probably.

Another solution would be to make mw.Api.getCategoriesByPrefix() make use of ApiOpenSearch (action=opensearch) which (if TitleKey is installed, which it is on Wikimedia) supports case-insensitive search.

I am not sure if this is low-enhancement because reports of unpleased users are popping up:
Importance: Normal-normal (Of course you are free to revert me)

Also: Hotcat supports this feature. I could not find the line in the source code but it may be possible to steal it.

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getCategoriesByPrefix() has no business caring about case sensitivity, the underlying API is case-sensitive by design. UploadWizard should use something like search suggestions (action=opensearch), which is case-insensitive.

Change 208932 had a related patch set uploaded (by Prtksxna):
mwCoolCats: Use action=opensearch instead of getCategoriesByPrefix()

Change 208932 merged by jenkins-bot:
mwCoolCats: Use action=opensearch instead of getCategoriesByPrefix()

Thanks so much. took three years, but here it is!

That sounds like our average, pretty much. :)